Leonardo Da Vinci Essay

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Leonardo Da Vinci

Leonardo Da Vinci was a great painter, inventor and artist. I've chosen him because even though the other painters are all amazing, only Da Vinci was more than just a painter or sculptor. He had inventions far before their time, even to this day he is revered as one of the all time great inventors. His paintings will long outlast us.

One of his most famous paintings is of course the Mona Lisa. I'm not even sure if art critics today even understand why it draws such praise, because honestly it's a portrait of a woman. However, something in the way Da Vinci painted it makes it more than that. Depending on how you look at the painting you can see a different perspective of what he was trying to capture.

Another of his most famous paintings is well known by most of the religious world, The Last Supper. Now this one of course is iconic to most because it is supposed to be a representation of Christ and his disciples at the last supper. That alone however can not be the only reason why it is iconic. Now of course if you have ever read the book the Da Vinci code, which is fiction as far as we know, then you look at that painting totally differently. No matter how you look at it though it is a masterpiece of art.

The final reason I chose Da Vinci has nothing to do with any of his artwork, it's because of his inventions. His mind has to be one of the greatest in the history of this world. He was coming up with stuff in a time when no one thought those things were possible. Like his flying machine or his machine to turn lead into gold. Now of course no one knows if those inventions actually worked, but just the fact trhat he had the kind of mind to even think them up is amazing to me.

Da Vinci was a genius, there is no doubt about that. He created masterpieces that will survive centuries to come and future artists will look to him for inspiration.
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