Leonardo Da Vinci

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When one considers painters they may think nothing more than painters and that inventors are simply inventors. How can one person have an inventing and painting mind in one? The answer is Leonardo Da Vinci. I chose Leonardo Da Vinci because of the interesting life that he lived, his exceptional paintings, and for his ingenious inventions. Da Vinci lived in an age where no one studied the world around him in order to understand what a scientist proved. They merely took it as truth even though it could have been false. Leonardo Da Vinci was not only a scientist, but he was also an inventor, painter and above all, a person who endeavored to understand the world around him.

Leonardo Da Vinci was born on April 14, 1452 to the 25 year old notary Ser Piero and a peasant girl as an illegitimate son in the village of Anchiano near the town of Vinci, Italy. At the age of 15, Da Vinci was sent by his father to learn at the workshop from the artist Andrea Del Verrocchio. While being an apprentice to Verrocchio, Da Vinci was commissioned to paint the angel in Verrocchio’s painting Baptism of Christ. After Da Vinci completed painting the angel, Verrocchio vowed to never paint again due to the fact that he thought Da Vinci’s angel was better than his own. Da Vinci stayed in Verrocchio’s workshop until 1477. In 1482, Da Vinci entered the service of the Duke of Milan, Ludovico Sforza as a war engineer, even though he hated war. After Sforza’s fall from power in 1499, Da Vinci was left in search of employment. During the next 16 years, Da Vinci worked and traveled throughout Italy for a number of employers including Cesare Borgia. While in the service of Cesare Borgia from 1502 to 1503, Da Vinci worked as a military architect and engineer, designing war machines. From 1513 to 1516, Da Vinci worked for Pope Leo X doing a variety of projects. In 1516 Da Vinci was given the title Premier Painter, Engineer and Architect of the King by Francis I in France....
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