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China Style
I have spent much of my life trying, unsuccessfully, to explode the myths about China. China is 3,706,000 sq miles, approximately same as The United States. China is the forth largest country in the world, with a population over 1.3 billion, a billion more than The United States. After living in China for more than 10 years, I fully understand that China’s substantial corruption challenges are deeply rooted in cultural traditions as well as the country’s complex transitory conditions. Furthermore, corruption is increasingly growing in significance way as a political issue in China, and in an international context, China’s corruption problems have attracted extensive attention. Like any emerging market, China suffers from corruption and an often unethical business environment. What make China different from many other national economies are the scale of the bureaucracy and the pace of economic development from a low base, both of which have created conditions ideally suited to the growth of corruption and opportunities for massive financial gain by paying local government of officials and by entrepreneurs eager to amass personal fortunes as quickly as possible. According To BBC News, nearly 500 million Chinese people live below poverty line (on less than two U.S. dollars a day). Since China has poor citizen over populated, manufacturers lower their material in food, created made in china named brand clothing and last and not less is the wealthy people over powering other. In 2009, more than a ½ million Chinese-made baby products were recalled by The United States. The product that was recalled contained dangerous high level of lead on surface paint by itself. As consumers demand cheaper and cheaper goods, more and more grey areas have been manipulated. By lowering the cost, China’s manufacturer had to find a way to cut down their cost. Majority of workers are already underpaid; therefore, their only solution is to eliminate the safety and...

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