Leo Burnett, Company Overview

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Company Overview
Founder of the company, Leo Burnett set the business philosophy of the company by saying, “Our primary fu nction in life is to produce the best advertising in the world, bar none … This is to be advertising so interrupting, so daring, so fresh, so engaging, so human, so believable and so well-focused as to themes and ideas that at one and the same time, it builds a quality reputation for the long haul as it produces sales for the immediate present.” Leo Burnett Worldwide still holds to this philosophy. The agency is now the largest advertising agency in the U.S. (based on U.S. billings) and 7th largest in the world, consisting of Leo Burnett Company Inc. and Leo Burnett Worldwide Inc.), an international holding company, responsible for more than 25% of all advertising billings in Chicago ($2.4 in local billings out of $7.7 billion for the city). The agency conducts all of its U.S. business through its Chicago office. The agency is also the largest privately-held advertising agency in the U.S. Founded in Chicago in 1935 with eight employees and three clients, Leo Burnett Worldwide, Inc. today operates a global network of over 200 operating units including a variety of specialty marketing services and 94 full-service advertising agencies in 83 countries. Leo Burnett helps build many of the world's most valuable brands and successful marketers, including McDonald's, Disney, Procter & Gamble, Marlboro, Kellogg, Samsung and Nintendo.
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