Leo Burnett Case Study

Topics: Team, Advertising, Pillsbury Doughboy Pages: 4 (1301 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Leo Burnett Company, founded in Chicago in 1935, was one of North America’s premier advertising agencies. It had created numerous well-known brand icons, including The Marlboro Man, Kellogg’s Tony the Tiger, and the Pillsbury Dough Boy. This case talks about LB’s current strained relationship with its client Ontann Beauty Care (OBC). LB was hired by OBC to launch its new “Forever Young” product line.  

1. Assuming the role of an LB employee: As a full-service agency, LB offered the complete range of marketing and communications services and products. As an LB employee I would be part of a multi-disciplinary team that serviced a particular brand. I would receive details of the work to be done by the supervisor of my home department. Informally I would report to a project team leader who usually would be an account director or a vice-president of client services director. I would be responsible to this person for meeting project deadlines and managing my individual client relationships. I would be simultaneously working on two or three different brand teams that would serve local clients.  Client needs and project deadlines would dictate the amount of time I spent on a given day as part of a particular brand team. The work environment would be open and fast paced. In general I would be juggling with the work for two to three different clients at any given moment. I would spend a lot of hours interacting with colleagues talking about projects and following up on client requests. The volume of work would also require me to spend long hours at work. As a result I would also be involved in social activities with my colleagues after a long day at work.  My relationship with my colleagues would be friendly and based on mutual trust. As part of the Forever Young virtual team, assuming I am working in the London office in addition to interacting with my local team members I would also be interacting with members located in a different region...
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