Lenovo in Singapore

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Singapore marketing report

1 The reason for expanding the market in Singapore1
2 Introduction2
3 the global marketing environment3
3.1 A Singapore Overview3
3.2 Cultural environment4
3.3 Economic environment5
3.4 Political environment6
4 STP Strategies8
4.1 Segmentation8
4.2 Targeting8
4.3 Positioning8
5 market entry strategy8
5.1 Special Licensing Arrangements8
5.2 Foreign Investment in Singapore10
5.3 Keiretsu11
6 Marketing mix11
7 conclusion12
8 Refenceing13

1 The reason for expanding the market in Singapore

Lenovo strives to be a new world company that makes award-winning PCs for our customers. We operate as a company uninhibited by walls or organizational structures using world source to harness the power of innovation across our global team. To develop in the ASEAN market share, Lenovo will continue to increase this area retail and circulation network investment, as well as on the market of high quality innovative products. The Southeast Asia is an uncultivated land and it could be a key attack direction. And we will make Singapore become ASEAN's regional headquarters. We phase Singapore's reason is that its position in the center, and world-class logistics infrastructure, excellent international financial network and professional talents. "

2 Introduction

Lenovo came about as the result of the merger of two of the most storied companies in technology and business: Legend Holdings in China and IBM’s Personal Computing Division in the United States. The merger was heralded as a watershed event in global business with the potential for integrating two disparate cultures, languages, processes and markets. As a result, Lenovo embodies the unique market possibilities in combining the best of East and West -- joining North American and China-based technology players in the creation of a unified global PC leader with growing market positions in developed and emerging markets alike. With more than $16 billion in annual revenue, Lenovo’s market strength spans not only market geographies but also the world’s consumer and business PC markets. Formed by Lenovo Group’s acquisition of the former IBM Personal Computing Division, Lenovo builds on its dominant position in China to grow globally.  The expansion from East to West – such as by introducing our newest products in China and then spreading across the globe – is a new way of viewing the world, one we believe will be the way of the future. That focus on the future is based on a strong history of success that is driving results today. Long the leader in China, Lenovo is growing rapidly and winning market share in all parts of the world.  This balanced growth is what has made Lenovo the fastest growing major PC company and enabled us to consistently grow faster than the market.

3 the global marketing environment

3.1 A Singapore Overview

Located at the tip of the Malay Peninsula, Singapore comprises one large island and around 50 smaller islands. The 4.5 million Singaporeans are concentrated primarily in the densely populated southern part of the main island. With one of the world’s highest standards of living, Singapore is a prosperous, modern and clean country. The diverse population of Singapore, consisting mainly of Chinese, Malay and Indians, does not possess one single dominant national identity. Drawing on a variety of traditions, different ethnic groups all consider themselves important parts of the diverse society of Singapore. Successfully doing business with Singaporeans requires an understanding of the population’s different cultural traditions and background.

3.2 Cultural environment

Singapore has a diverse populace of nearly 5 million people. In addition, 42% of its populace are foreigners. It is also the third most densely populated in the world after Macau and Monaco. Languages —Many...
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