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Planning Stage

1. SMART Objectives of the project

The report will be accomplished before 30th December, 2011. So I have fifteen week to do the research on Lenovo's promotion strategy in China and how these promotion strategy can bring benefits to the company or satisfy the customers’ needs.

2. Statement of Issues to be investigated

The issues to be investigated are to analyses the promotion strategy of Lenovo in Chinese market. Good promotion concerned with communicating information, concerning products and services and trying to persuade customer and market to try them.

3. Reasons for the choice of issue

➢ I know a lot about this topic

The issues I have investigated are the subjects, which are related to the topic, and to the units that I have learnt as part of Marketing That is a good way to checkup the knowledge that we learnt is related to the practice in company.

➢ Promotion is significant to a company

Promotion plays a major role and informative objective: Increase awareness, Explain how products work, Suggest new uses, Build company image.

➢ Promotion also important to a customer

It can remain customers that the product may be need and where to buy the product. Moreover maintain the customer awareness.

I have been taught a subject of " Marketing: An Introduction" which coded is DE3C 34

4. The business involved

I would like to choose Lenovo to be my investigation business organisation, the reasons are as follow:

➢ I experienced this brand

I used to be a loyal customer of Lenovo, and its becoming popular and strong, so that I'm interest in this company and want to learn more about it.

➢ Lenovo is well known in the PC market and easy to find the information

Lenovo is representative. Lenovo as a global leader in the PC market lenovo develop, manufacture and market cutting-edge, reliable, high-quality PC products and value-added professional services that provide customers around the world with smarter ways to be productive and competitive.

5. Sources of information which will be used and selected

➢ Secondary

A secondary source is a secondhand account about people, events, topics or places that is based on what some other writer has experienced. The advantages are as follow:

■ It can provide large amounts of information quickly and cheaply

■ Many secondary information is processed already so they have stronger purpose and easy to quote.

➢ Primary

A primary source is first hand evidence. It was there at the time of an event. It is contemporary to the period being studied. The advantage can be listed:

■ Addresses Specific Research Issues --carrying out their own research allows the marketing organization to address issues specific to their own situation.

■ Greater Control--not only does primary research enable the marketer to focus on specific issues, it also enables the marketer to have a higher level of control over how the information is collected.

■ Proprietary Information--information collected by the marketer using primary research is their own and is generally not shared with others.

■ Efficient Spending for Information

6. Methods to collect information

The methods to collect secondary information:

➢ Internet


■ This method is accessible and convenient to gather information.

■ It is such a low cost method and collects lots of information all over again.

Specific information:

The background of Lenovo and lots of specific information can be finding by internet.

➢ Newspaper and magazines


■ The information and data will be more reliable than...
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