Lennie and Curly Fight Scene, of Mice and Men

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Reputations are crushed in a dramatic break of violence between two men on a ranch in Soledad. Curly (who instigated the fight) became very jealous and cautious of bold but not too bright Lennie Small. Curly began agitated as he could not find his wife. He then began to assume the worst (involving other men working on the ranch). He soon grew embarrassed when he found these assumptions not to be true. Taking this rage out on Lennie, he began to punch and beat the child like man. Lennie defenseless and bewildered looked around the room for instructions when old friend George soon directed him to fight back, leading to the small man to look even smaller. Following these events we now caught up with curly and witness Carlson in a exclusive interview, which reveals all hidden thoughts and secrets. In your opinion, how did the fight begin?

Curly- I know relies what a child he is, a push over really. Carlson-things just grew outta ‘and real quick between ‘em. Who is to blame (directed at Carlson)?
Carlson-ummm….I think Curlys wife.
How do you feel about that Curly?
Curly-well I’m obviously not ‘appy. She’s a nice gurl, purty too. I love ‘er so I don’t care what they think, its irrelevant. What are your impressions on Lennie Small?
Curly-umm...well he’s…umm... (Long pause) he’s um big. Carlson-good old Lennie. He seems like a really nice lad. Stupid, doesn’t understand what’s going on out in the real world and always looks to George, some other guy he travels with which is strange. But he’s a nice guy. Big and strong. We also hear from a hidden source Lennie and travel partner George had a bad past in their previous ranch in weed, involving Lennie. IS this just a broken record?
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