Lemurs of Madagascar

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  • Published : April 20, 2013
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Lemurs of Madagascar





Lemurs of Madagascar
1. Madagascar biome is a tropical rain forest. The main characteristic of a tropical rain forest biome is the presence of Warm temperatures throughout the year. In a tropical rain forest biome, there are three layers. These layers include the top trees, followed by the canopy layer characterized by dens leaves hence low light penetration and the third layer are the ground layer. The ground layer lacks any vegetation owing to the low amount of sunlight reaching it due to the dense canopy layer. 2. Changes happening in Madagascar pose challenges to lemurs in the island. The main changes that affect the lemurs include the effects of agricultural activities on the environment. Forestland conversion for agricultural use including the creation of pastureland, cropland, and degradation of the soil due to fire and clearing by humans is the agricultural changes on Madagascar. Soil erosion caused by slash-and-burn farming also forms the other changes in Madagascar that brings forth challenges to lemurs. As a conclusion, high deforestation rate and increased human population and erosion form the main changes that challenge the existence of lemurs in Madagascar. 3. The lemurs that are adapting well with the changes in Madagascar are the ones with the ability to live in an altered habitat. (This is a habitat with secondary characteristics owing to human activities in the island). These include the ring-tailed lemur lemma catta and sifakas, but between the two, the ring-tailed lemma catta is adapting better to changes in the ecosystem. The fossil lemurs’ disappearance in the island was due to inability to adapt well to the changes. The other types of lemurs that have disappeared due to change in the habitat include Palaeopropithecus, Daubentonia robusta, Archaeiindris fontoynonti and Megaladapis edwardsi. 4. A generalist behavioral type is required of the lemurs in Madagascar to be able to...
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