Lemurs in Madagascar

Topics: Conservation movement, Risk, Risk assessment Pages: 2 (579 words) Published: February 3, 2013
Environmental Science

George Armstrong

Editor in chief Local newspaper Conservationist’s stand point

To whom it may concern,
I am writing you today as a conservationist and concerned member of society in pertaining to the 3.4 Million acres of public lands in Wyoming (dubbed) Bridger Teton. The corporations I represent feel that Bridger Teton would be best utilized for the harvesting of natural resources such as oil, gasoline and minerals. (We) are not proposing the complete destruction or deforestation of this tempered Eco system but want to begin acquiring land samples with the intent of assessment. It is our belief that Bridger Teton is harboring rich deposits of naturally occurring fossil fuels which if we are correct may eliminate North America's dependency on foreign trade and would repair current economic issues. A risk assessment has been conducted as a precautionary measure in the form of four basic steps in order to address health and environmental concerns. 1. Hazard Identification-- Q. How will the indigenous wild life and wilderness be affected? A. Minimal invasion will occur to the local species and there habitats. 2. Dose and response-- Q. How much should we do in relation to drilling and mining as well as the proper actions for land renewal? A. Take samples and performs required tasks in uninhabited areas, uses few resources from forest, drills and mines in pre-determined/non-evasive areas only. 3. Exposure assessment-- Q. Will the conservation of proposed land be preserved? A. Through ongoing studies of required land and any ill effects from using the land, further safe guards can be implemented accordingly. 4. Risk characterization-- By identifying any problems early in the assessment processes, we will be...
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