Lemonade Stand Simulation: Personal Experience

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  • Published : April 13, 2013
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When starting this assignment it was really fun and interesting on how to make the prices right and how many Lemons, Sugar, and Ice to put in each cup. I thought that it would be easy to make money on this simulation, but after the first 15 days on the first simulation, it was challenging and I had to really think about what I was doing, instead of just entering numbers and guessing. Here in the following paper will reflect on how I adjusted and tried to make enough money be lower my cost on supplies and making the price per cup as high as possible, but making the most profit.

After looking over the data from the three simulations that I had performed, I noticed that the weather forecasts Hazy and Clear/Sunny had the best overall sales in the 30 days. It really did make a big difference on what the weather and temperature was like on each day. During the three simulations, I tried to adjust the price of each cup pending on the temperature and what the weather conditions were like. I did notice at first that if the weather was hazy, I was able to sell more than any other of the four forecasts in the simulations. Also, just because the temperature was hot, that didn’t mean the more cups I sold. In all three simulations, I sold more cups of lemonade when the temperatures were in the 70’s and low 80’s instead of the days that it was in the 90’s or higher. The reason I think this happened was because some people what to just go out and get what they wanted to get done and not stop somewhere to get a drink when it is hotter outside. Throughout the simulations, I did sell out a couple of times because I didn’t have enough supplies and the demand of lemonade was really high. I did notice that in every simulation that I performed, the remaining ice melted. I could never get the right amount of ice to buy in any of the simulations, which was the only downfall and I lost money.

Finally, I really enjoyed doing this assignment and it was very educational....
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