Lemon Tree Delima

Topics: Sex reassignment surgery, Transgender, Peter, Paul and Mary Pages: 3 (857 words) Published: October 5, 2010
The Lemon Tree is a publicly traded company which has 2,900 employees and operates out of Tallahassee, Florida. It produces and packages for resale products using lemon, including toiletries, foodstuffs, bathroom cleaning products and paint and nail polish removers. All of its products incorporates the use of a highly secret chemical formula derived from fresh lemons, grown on trees right on the grounds of the company. Only 3 people in the company have access to the secret formula, the CEO, Smitty Smiles, the head of Research, Paul Peel, and the chemist, Peter Dragon, also known as "Puff." Puff has a drug problem. Now, granted, it was in his past, and he has passed 3 out of the past 5 drug tests performed by the company. The two failed tests were chalked up to a "fluke" as a result of some chemicals he'd been working on. Puff successfully completed a drug rehab program in 1985, which the company paid for. His doctor at the time announced that he was cured. Paul has recommended that Puff be fired after both of the failed drug tests, but Puff fought the recommendations through the HR ADA committee, and won both times.

One of the other members of a different branch of the research team, Jackie Paper, is good friends with Puff. Jackie underwent a sex change operation 5 years ago, and is now a woman, although she was a man when she was first hired in the company 8 years ago. She is also Asian, and considers herself, as a female minority, in a protected class which is routinely treated unfairly. Recently she filed a complaint with the company compliance department that she felt she had been passed over for a promotion due to her sex change status, and because she is an Asian female. That is currently under investigation. Some of her comments about her boss, Mary, have been less than flattering to her, including allegations that Mary and Paul are having an affair.

Mary is Jackie's manager and boss. Mary reports to Paul Peel, and is on the same level as Puff,...
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