Lemon Law

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Your car is most important asset, that is expected to lasts years on the road, giving you a great feeling of independent, to go everyway and anyway you want without being held back by anything, but it’s not expected that your car will break down the day after it is bought. Yet, there is a faulty car out there that just does not work as it should. It is seems perfect at first, you make it out of the showroom and onto the highway, then you find yourself on the side of the road, smoke coming from under the hood and you are wondering to yourself, “What happened? The car is new, this shouldn’t happen”, well that is the lemon for you. The only car in history that acts the same way as a paper boat in a lake; it sails for a while then begins to sink. Fortunately, there is a law that has been set into moment to protects you, the valued consumer from these defective vehicles. Under this law you are entitled to a number reimbursement just because of this one car. This law has been around for a while but, have you ever heard of the Lemon Law? If you ask anyone on the street- “Exactly what is the Lemon Law?” they might say the lemon law protects them if they purchase a faulty car—which is right, in the simplest form. Many people would find is rather difficult to say or not if this law does exist or if this law has been exploited by many others. Well Lemon Law does indeed exist and it’s used pretty commonly to protect the consumer who have found and bought a defective motorized vehicle, electronics, boats and other products that are defective by nature. Vehicle Lemon Law varies from state to state, but in essence it covers you if you should find yourself tied to a defective car, SUV, truck or other motor vehicles. The definition of a “lemon” vehicle is any vehicle that continuously fails to meets those standards of its intended function. But, to our surprise this law does not...
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