Lemon Grass Extract as Anti-Oxidant

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  • Published : March 1, 2013
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This research aims to determine the ideal amount of quality effect for using anti – oxidant by getting the extract of lemon grass. The lemon grasses were chopped at the constant size and pressured afterwards and were tested for their physical appearance and .

After the preliminary test in finding out the best insulator for the making of anti – oxidant out of extract lemon grass. 46 people were tested in different conditions in their body. Every 3 days, a batch of 4 280 ml bottles of anti – oxidant were released from the researcher, tested and observed.After 2 weeks of testing, a conclusion was made that the most number of people, resulted in good effect are about 33 people.


Lemon grasses are much known as one of the ingredients in cooking vain. Lemon grass refers to the green plants, called producers. Although not all producers have green colours, there are thousands of colours of species that do. All lemon grass have the same kind of leaves.Lemon grass is one of the herbal medical plant typing made up only one distinct layer. This layer which is made up of mineral called phosphate.Lemon grass contains mineral phosphate. This mineral is continent used as anti – oxidant that has each own essential function in terms to heal the body pain. People used these for its body healing.In this study, researchers study more about lemon grass that can give contribution in healing body pains. The purpose of this study is to find out and to determine the effect of extract lemon grass as anti – oxidant to the affected part of the body.
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