Leisure Time

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Leisure Time

What do you often do in your leisure time? Do you take advantage of it instead of losing it? Leisure time is a good time to do what you want to do. I like to play violin, play tennis or go shopping during my leisure time. These things make me feel relaxed.

I often play violin in my leisure time. I always play alone for an hour or two. It helps me clear my mind. I can just get away from my vexation for a while. When I play violin, I feel easy and happy. I enjoy hearing the music that comes out from my violin. I love music. It takes me to another wonderful world.

Sometimes when I have time, I play tennis. I would like to play for an hour with my parents or my friends. It helps me to relax my mind from studying, and it is a good exercise for my body. It improves the body’s metabolism and keeps me healthy, although I may feel tired after playing.

If I have time, I enjoy shopping. I always go with my friends. We talk and laugh together. I feel happy even though we just go window-shopping! It makes me feel cheerful when I see many beautiful things. Going shopping helps me to relax my mind completely.

I like playing violin, playing tennis or going shopping in my leisure time. They help me a lot. Playing violin helps me to clear my mind. Playing tennis and going shopping helps me to relax myself in different ways. I like to do these activities whenever I have time! What about you?
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