Leisure Time

Topics: Recreation and Sports, Leisure, Hobby Pages: 2 (383 words) Published: June 6, 2012
Leisure time is essential for every human being, since studying and working consumes a lot of physical and mental power. Different people prefer different activities to spend their time for recreation. Some people like to rest on their coaches watching TV, but types of recreational activities are very various.

One of the most popular hobbies is collecting. A collector is a person, who spends his free time acquiring certain types of items, some of collectors focus on certain subtopic, and others are just trying to keep a general collection. There are different fields of collecting, stamps and coins, for example, are amongst most popular ones. Still, there are lots of other hobbies, especially creative ones, like model-making, papercraft, and woodworking. Performing arts is popular too; you can meet different kind of people found their leisure in acting, dancing, playing violin and other instruments.

Lots of people enjoy spending their free time outdoors. There are a lot of different outdoor recreational activities, so virtually anyone may find something for oneself. Travelling, exploration and adventure is always fun, that’s why such outdoor recreations like hiking, trekking, kayaking are loved. Different kinds of sport and outdoor games are also good way to rest from everyday life.

But not everyone likes being outdoors. For their likes there are a lot of different indoor games and activities. Those, who want to use their aim and movement coordination, might like the game of billiards. If you like to strain your memory in silent and calm way, a crossword puzzle is certainly for you. Classical board games, like chess and draughts, involve both strategy and planning, if one is in for that kind of thing, that’s it. And those who prefer relying on pure luck may find playing cards or eve gambling amusing.

So, there a lot of different ways to spend your free time and, I am sure, everyone can find something for him. As for me, well, since I am an absolutely...
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