Leisure, Recreation and Sport Concepts

Topics: Leisure, Personal life, Health Pages: 4 (1382 words) Published: November 21, 2010
Humanity has reflected upon the controversial concepts of leisure, recreation and sport amongst individuals and what effect it has on them, only to discover that one man’s leisure may not be identical to another man’s leisure and that his/her reasons are diverse, due to the fact that an opinion on what is considered to be intrinsically pleasurable during discretionary time varies. This diversity amongst individuals is what greatly influences growth within a community, a family, and even in one’s personal affairs. In hypothetical situation, if recreation, leisure and sport were to be eliminated from our society, life as we now know it would be considerable altered, negative effects on the economy would occur, which would lead to disruption amongst communities and their recreational systems; dysfunction in families and the possibility of a personal life would be inexistent.

In order to grasp what will occur if leisure, recreation and sport were voided from society it is best to get knowledge of why it is important to have it available and where it came from. Historically, leisure, recreation and sport was most significantly founded and developed in the ancient Greek era. The Greek belief system is what has majorly influences today’s concepts, in that setting aside time to enjoy music, art and other activities performed during leisure time is a critical aspect of living a “good life” and is physically and spiritually thought to be a key to absolute happiness. For example, the Olympics were developed to appreciate the gods and goddess, and concentrate on the art of maintaining a strong physical and mental form. The Roman’s also influenced today’s perception of what leisure is supposed to be. They believed that bringing citizens together in stadiums to watch competitive battles of the gladiators, and even coordinate bread and circuses, would implement a positive vibe to distract them from revolting against the Roman Empire.

The historical concepts have not...
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