Leisure Objectives for an Event

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Aims and objectives of our event.
Our aim is to enhance our level of learning by working together and using our different range of skills and abilities to plan an event. We will plan the event to the best of our standards and try having the best possible outcome. We hope that during our end of term party each individual will enjoy themselves for every moment while being in the safest possible environment. Our objectives are:

* To provide everyone at the event with enough resources. * Make sure everyone has a memorable night.
* Make sure everyone is safe.
* Meet needs, wants and expectations of customers.
* To break-even.
We hope to meet these objectives with each other’s help and participation in organizing it. We think it’s very important to cover this aim and objectives because it’s what makes an event successful.

We are also planning to produce a film or short video that could somehow be represented in our coursework. Although this will be a challenge as it involves voice and movement. We are currently involving the ICT team to identify any ways which we would be able to illustrate this video in our coursework.  After the event we will be taking quick customer questionnaires this will give us information that we can then evaluate into our written coursework. We will ask questions such as: Finally we will be contrasting what we planned with what actually happened. We will do this by having various team meetings and thoroughly talk about decisions and plans.  Hopefully this will give us enough detail, graphics and information we need to be able to write up the evaluation section in our A2 Leisure Studies coursework in order to secure a good grade. 
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