Leigh Ann Walker: Staff Accountant

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Case 6.1 Written Report

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Leigh Ann Walker, Staff Accountant

Leigh Ann Walker was an exceptional student in college. Her 3.9 grade point average and her involvement in numerous business organizations set her apart from most other students. As a result of her hard work and dedication on campus, Leigh Ann received a total of six job offers. Upon graduation, Leigh Ann accepted an offer from a Big Six accounting firm to be an entry-level auditor. Despite such accomplishments, we believe that Leigh Ann made a significant mistake by lying to her supervisor about her CPA examination, and that she was rightly punished for her actions.

We feel as if Leigh Ann’s supervisor, Jackie Vaughn, did not overreact in this situation, but rather she handled the situation like a professional should. The public accounting industry is one that has substantially high standards for integrity and honesty, and in order to maintain that reputation, the individuals that frame the industry must not compromise their standards in any way. Further, the public accounting industry is in an even larger spotlight today as a result of high-profile accounting scandals that have taken place in recent years. The process of regaining trust from the public can take many years after significant fraud schemes such as those that occurred about a decade ago. Due to such a high importance of integrity in the public accounting...
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