Leicester Square

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Leicester square in London
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Leicester square’s
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1-History 2-Monuments 3-Theatres and cinemas 4-Night life



Leicester square is a pedestrianised square located in the West End of London between Piccadilly Circus and Covent Garden. Pronounced “Lester square”, It is one of the busiest spots in London, especially on Friday and Saturday nights.


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area around Leicester Square (West End) is the entertainment heart of London. The area also includes China town and Trafalgar Square.


“There are, perhaps, few places in the metropolis remaining at the present day that combine the characteristics of "Old and New London"—rolled into one as it were—to a greater extent than Leicester Square”. 5 British-History Online

Named for the 2nd Earl of Leicester,

The history of the square, in fact, begins with Leicester House, which was built between 1632 and 1636, by Robert Sidney, Earl of Leicester, whose voluminous correspondence, preserved among the "Sidney Papers," is a history, in little, of his time, and of whose sons, Philip and Algernon Sidney, Leicester Fields hold many memories. 6

Leicester Square was open to the public around 1640 after locals protested the privatization of the land that was once common ground. Development of the area began around 1670 and it quickly became a fashionable place to live as homes sprung up around the original Leicester House which, for some time during the very early 1700s, was inhabited by numerous royal and noble personages.



By the late 18th century, however, the character of the square changed and it soon became an area known for its entertainment venues, one of the first of which was a "museum of natural curiosities" known as the Holophusikon .

Leicester Square 1950


The Holophusikon (‘embracing all of nature’) also known as the Leverian Museum, at Leicester House.


Charles Ginner 1878–1952 Leicester Square 1912 Oil paint on canvas 642 x 559 mm Royal Pavilion and Museum, Brighton and Hove 10

London's Leicester Square is at the heart of the city's prime entertainment district. The square is also embellished with several monuments. In the center of the square, for instance, visitors will find a garden. 11

Shakespeare Fountain  The fountain, in the middle of the garden created by Giovanni Fontana in 1874, is known as the Shakespeare Memorial Fountain. It is a marble fountain with a statue of William Shakespeare surrounded by dolphins. 12

At each corner of the park, there is a statue of other famous Londoners, such as: 

The statue of Charlie Chaplin (by John Doubleday and was unveiled by Sir Ralph Richardson in 1981); The bust of john Hunter who was a Scottish surgeon regarded as one of the most distinguished scientists and surgeons of his day) 13

 

Statues The bust of Isaac Newton (by William Calder Marshall (1874);


Video: Entertainment


Leicester Square is often the  Visitors will also find starting point for people a "TKTS" half-price who want to visit one of the ticket booth here, many cinemas, theaters, where discount snack bars and restaurants tickets can be that are in the purchased for neighborhood. popular West End  Several major cinemas line shows and musicals. the square, giving it its nickname "Theatreland". 


WC2 video

WC2  London WC2 is the postcode of Covent Garden & Holborn. Two of the world's most famous open spaces in Leicester Square (hosting film premieres) & Trafalgar Square. 

Theatre Land video


Street shows and shopping in Covent Garden and Regent street Covent Garden is a district in Video: covent garden London on the eastern fringes of the West End. It is a place to hang out & watch street performers. Regent Street is one of the major shopping streets in London's West End,...
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