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Legs of Silk

Different kind of print ads attract different people, by the way they look, colors, images and text. The Pure Silk ad attracts to only one gender. This ads color is very suttle by the way it looks. The Pure Silk shaving cream ad attracts women in many aspects.

If you were to look at this ad the first thing you would see would be legs. In this shaving cream ad, there are very long legs that are half of the page. The legs are very long, tan and perfect. They remind me of models legs. She is wearing golden heals which accents her long legs. The color of the background is like caramel. The caramel background looks good with the legs because it makes the legs look tanner. The woman has a wavy kind of dress that is kind of like a cream color that blends well with the background. It is like silk waving in the wind behind the perfect legs. The actual shaving cream cans are kind of big. They are purple, orange and blue. The cans of shaving cream are like tropical colors. They have different scents including Coconut & Oat Flour, Peaches & Cream and Plumeria. Also, they stress the rust proof bottoms at the bottom of the page. People don’t want rusting can bottoms that leave a ring in your shower. When I first seen this ad in the magazine, the first thing I saw was the legs, and I figured that this ad was for shaving cream because the legs were so perfect and not everyone’s legs would look like that. This ad is very eye catching in many ways.

Also what catches the audience’s attention is the slogan on the ad. Some slogans like McDonalds “I’m Lovin It” or Subways “Eat Fresh” make it easier to remember the brand. This ads slogan is “For legs like Pure Silk” is very concise and simple. In order for a slogan to be effective it has to be simple and to the point. If it’s too confusing the consumers they won’t understand it. The slogan is flowy and is in orange lettering. This is a symbolism for silk. How the shaving cream make your...
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