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Eleanor Baxter Research Proposal (FAD 186)


I am going to introduce my final major project as a Stop Motion animation working for the Brand Lego. I will be researching the company deeply using the statistics over the last few years to establish what is needed to improve sales and what will help promote recent Themes within the brand using some of the criteria they use to promote themselves such as campaigns on upcoming films like ‘Star wars, Teenage mutant ninja turtles, Disney’s Cars and harry potter. Using one of these themes will give me the opportunity to promote to a particular age and audience. My research will give me the knowledge to understand what age, gender and audience I will be promoting the brand to, I aim to do this by using the following steps. I will start by looking at the target market, I will carry out a set out questionnaires in toys are you Southampton on 30 people 10 staff, 10 adults and 10 children. I will then create a pen portrait., look at the brand identity, create a risk assessment, establish a SWOT table. Following this I will then look at the ways in which toys are presented in the industry, look at current and past toy campaigns for inspiration and what hasn’t yet been done before. I will then be looking at competitors and founding what they are currently doing to promote themselves and how I can improve our niche to make it better than theirs. By evaluating prices and ranges of the brand I will create knowledge of what colours and prices the public are attracted to most. I will then write up my proposal with factual information and research explaining what, how and why I am choosing to use my niche.

Target Market

I have made a trip to Southampton’s Toys R Us store on the 10.11.2012 and completed 3 questionnaires; the first was aimed at Parents, second at children and third was at the staff. I have done this so I get a wide range of results from 3 different types of people in a children’s toyshop to make my research accurate.

These are the results for the first Questionnaire, which was taken by parents visiting the store.

6/10 Adults like to play with Lego with their children.
9/10 Parents children like to play with Lego.
The 9/10 children who liked to play with Lego were all aged between 4-15. 5/10 Parents would spend between £20- 40 on a set of Lego.
6/10 Parents have said their children like the Star wars themes Lego. 5/10 Parents have said their children like to watch the film Star wars. 6/10 Parents children were male.

The second set of results was taken from children. 5 male/ 5 Female.

8/10 children like to play with Lego.
All the children were aged between 5- 15.
3/10 children said their favourite film was Star wars.
The children had a mixture of different favourite colours but 2 of the 10 said they liked the colour red. So this colour was the most popular. 4/10 children like to build Lego and be creative, but 4/10 children like playing on digital media such as computer games.

The third set of results, which was obtained by the staff of Toys R Us.

The top 5 toys, which sell in store, are the Nintendo DS, Xbox, Guitar Hero, Outdoors play, and finally Lego 5th. 10/10 Staff has said that males are more interested in Lego than females. 8/10 Staff has said that the average Lego customer spends between £20-40. 7/10 Staff has said the age range mainly attracted to Lego is between 6-12 years old. 6/10 Staff have said the Star wars themed Lego is the most popular. All the staff of Toys R Us have said that when a film is being promoted that particular theme is popular within the Lego brand.

The information I have obtained by ways of primary research using statistics I have gained knowledge of my Target Market, I have come to the understanding that my target market will be aimed at male children aged between 6-12 years old. I will be using the theme of Star wars as the narrative for my campaign as it is by far the most popular of...
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