Lego Marketing Plan

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Letter of Transmittal


28th May 2011

Ms. Jessy

LEGO Group,

28, Jalan Senget,

10350 Kuala Lumpur.

Dear Ms. Jessy,

Enclosed is a report detailing the preparation steps needed to do before launching the products in the domestic market. As discussed during our meeting, I have also made recommendations tailored specially to your business’s need.

The report provides background to the company and industry as well. Benefit and features of the product lines are also briefly explained. The report also provides in-depth analysis on the external environment of the market. Other than that, recommendations on product strategy, promotional strategy, pricing strategy and distribution strategy are included in the report.

The information provided in the report will help in the decision making process. Furthermore, the recommendations made will help strengthen the brand name in domestic market efficiently and effectively. Launching of new products will also be easier and successful.

Last but not least, thank you for providing me this opportunity to work with you. Please do not hesitate to ask assistant from me if you have any queries regarding the report attached. I will be glad to discuss with you in our next meeting.

Yours sincerely,

(Marketing Manager)

Executive summary

LEGO is a company origin from Denmark. It started from a small carpenter into today’s world fourth largest manufacturer of play materials. LEGO is concerned with the development of children’s creativity through learning and building teamwork and trust. LEGO offers a huge line of products in order to cater different group of customers from pre-school children to adults. The aim of this report is to reintroduce LEGO in the Malaysia market as the brand is slowly forgotten by people due to the advancement of technology.

Before implementing any strategy, an analysis of the external environment is vital to the company as it may affect a company’s competitive advantage. For example, the social and culture trend are changing. The society is becoming more and more tech savvy compared to the society in just merely 10 years ago.

In order to penetrate into the Malaysian market more effectively, few recommendations were given. LEGO needs to further improve its product line to cater to different groups of customers. One of the recommendations is that LEGO differentiate itself from competitors by integrating with Japanese animation instead of the typical Hollywood blockbuster movies. Besides that, it is recommended that LEGO collaborate with Nestle Milo which is one of the dominant brands in Malaysia to reach their target audience more easily.

Next, promotional strategies like ambient advertising and flash mob will be used to promote brand awareness and engage targeted audience in the events and activities. These activities are aimed to draw society’s attention to the existence of the brand. Furthermore, large billboard will be placed in the Federal Highway as that area has high traffic flow. Moreover, LEGO will be using “Brick Anything” as the slogan for the promotional events. In conjunction of the LEGO Day event, a LEGO Club will be launched as well. LEGO customers could register as a member and receive news and promotions about LEGO. This way, LEGO could build relationship with its customers and then develop brand loyalty to LEGO.

Table of Content

Letter of Transmittali

Executive summaryii

Table of Contentiii


Background and Situational Analysis1

Company Backgroup of the LEGO Group1
Instructional LEGO2
Creative LEGO4
Industry Background5
Motivation for Choosing LEGO5

Environmental Analysis6

Political and Legal Environment6
Economic Environment6
Social-Culture Environment7
Product Strategy9
Product Support Services10
Brand Equity10
Promotional strategy10...
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