Lego Case Analysis

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  • Published : March 11, 2013
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1. What are LEGOs values and corporate identity? How did these develop over time (prior to LEGO Media Intl)?

* Having “only the best is good for children” is the first value created by the founder of the company. That is, the founder emphasized the quality of the toys. * This is seen through the name of the company, “LEGO”, which stands for the first few letters of the Danish words: Leg GOdt, meaning “play well” * The ten characteristics formulated by GKC are the foundation of the company value system. Thus, the company wanted people to perceive that these characteristics (value) are embedded in the offering of the firm. * The ten characteristics: unlimited play possibilities, genderless, enthusiasm for all ages, play all year around, stimulating and absorbing play, endless hours of play, imagination, creativity, development, have different play value, always topical, and lead to safety and quality play. * LEGO wanted to have universal concepts associated with the following notions: 1. Idea: creativity, imagination, unlimited, discovery, constructionist 2. Exuberance: enthusiasm, spontaneity, self expression, unrestrained 3. Value: quality, caring, development, innovation, consistency * The fundamental beliefs and the missions of the firm serve as a basis to the expression of the firm’s values. * Children are creative explorers

* Therefore, the toys stimulate creativity
* Regarding quality, LEGO emphasizes the importance of high quality. They, therefore, base their values on technical quality, consumer quality, and development quality * It has been suggested that the identity of LEGO is composed of several factors: the product, the brand itself, the mission, the family-owned status, and the de-emphasis of the Danish origins. This illustrates that the company is made up of a combination of values to stimulate innovation, creativity, and values. * The blend of the values has lead to the success of...
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