Lego Case

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  • Published : December 8, 2012
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Case: Lego

|Assignment/Question #1 | | | |Lego | |DHL | | | |Communication: communications between DHL & LEGO and within different departments inside LEGO are not fluent and clear enough. Culture clashes | |also bring unnecessary misunderstandings. | |Unsynchronized operation: Sales team pushed customers for advance orders in order to anticipate delays and shortages, while other teams had no | |preparation. | |Risk management: Lego didn’t have a well structure risk management plan (business continuity plan) which can predict future situations and also | |offer reasonable solution. | | | |Logistic management: Inventory level in DCs and warehouses weren’t correctly designed and the person in charge didn’t anticipate this problem | |before. DHL also lack of the capability to control the flow and...
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