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Learning Team: Sustainable Product Design Report-Lego Group
Take the lead, compile, edit, and conclusion and submit final draft Include a cover page memo to your department head, explaining why your team chose this product. Describe elements of your sustainable product

The elements of Lego’s 100% recycled products will decrease waste mentality, reduce the use of fossil fuels, and convert renewable energy at the Lego Group to create a positive outcome to its goal. The goal at the Lego Group is to transition our products to be 100% recyclable, so those old Legos could be turned into a recycling bin or sent to the Lego Group for recyclable purposes. We’ve tried to get an accurate number of Legos in the world and it has not yet been tackled, but there is roughly 400 billion Legos scattered across the world; and probably more than half get thrown in the trash. Kids will be kids, they destroy their toys, and the parents throw the toys out and replace them with new ones. By developing a plan of sustainability the Lego Group will be able to recycle those damaged pieces of Legos and use them in the development of new Legos or as mentioned a recycle bin.

The short-term expenditure to get the sustainable product underway would be greeted with long-term benefits including greater innovation, quality improvement, energy savings, and revenue growth. Developing new manufacturing practices and product design synergizes the eco-efficiency efforts that can result in lower production costs and greater operational efficiencies, as well as reduced shipping and transportation costs. A sustainable product should have the five key elements: Social, Governance, Financial, Health and Safety, and Environment. In which the proposal for Lego Group does have those five key elements, the proposal gears towards all five in developing a plan that removes toxins from their plastics, a sustainable product that lowers the consumption of energy, a product that is safe for the...
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