Legislative in Malaysia

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1. Introduction
In Malaysia the legislative is made up of Lower House and the Upper House which is consisting of representatives of people and assisted by Prime Minister to enforce the law. A legislative is a type of representative deliberative assembly with the power to create, amend and approve the laws. Legislative are the laws that are established by the Parliaments at federal level and by the State Legislative Assemblies at the state level. Parliament is known as a centre to discuss and to decide in making a law. 1The power of the Legislative body is with Parliament which is consists of Yang di-Pertuan Agong (YDPA) and the two Assemblies (Houses) of Parliament – The Senate and House of Representative. 2YDPA are not involved in making laws but he gives approval for draft of laws or gives royal speech and opening Parliamentary council. The Senate and House of Representative meet to create new laws, change existing laws and enact budgets for the State in every year. Senate is also known as Dewan Negara and it is the upper house of the Parliament of Malaysia. The Senate consists of 70 members, of which 26 are indirectly elected by the states, with two senators for every state in the Federation, and the other 44 being appointed by the Yang di-Pertuan Agong (King). Whereas House of Representative is known as Dewan Rakyat and House Committee consists of the President/Speaker or Tuan Yang di-Pertua as the Chairman and six members who are elected by the Selection Committee at the earliest time possible after the opening of each term of Parliament. 1WU, M.A. (2007) The Malaysian Legal System. Kuala Lumpur: Heinemann Educational Books Ltd. 2Washington State Legislature. (2012). Overview of the Legislative Process. Retrieved from http://www.leg.wa.gov/legislature/Pages/Overview.aspx 2. Content

3.1 The Legislative Process
3The ideas for bills come from various sources, or something has been happened in the previous years that might inspires new legislative (i.e., the change in people’s perception towards crime gave rise to the youth violence bills that were offered during the 1994 session), a member who wishes to address an issue that is specific to his or her district, or the Legislative decides to deal with a major issues (i.e., regulatory reform). 4The Bills introduced to Parliament may be classified as: (1) Private Bills which is deal with the local issues or private concern; (2) Private Member Bills which is introduced by any members of the legislative other than Minister or Assistant Minister; (3) Hybrid Bills which is introduced by either Minister or private member that can affect individual rights or interests; and (4) Government Bills which is introduced by Ministers and usually deal with the government policy issues and it is a general application. 5Once the members introduce the bill, the legislative process begins. The relevant government authorities which is included the experts and interested outside bodies will be involved into the long series discussion. A bill usually introduced by the minister that related to the topic of the bill. Minister usually consults the Attorney General’s Chamber or the government agencies that may have interests in the bills. So in the preliminary stages the minister will bring up the proposal bill into Cabinet meeting to get the respond. The bills may be introduced in any Houses if Cabinet has agrees the particular bills. So the process of the Bill becoming the Law was started by introduce it into the First Reading. 3.2.1 First Reading

6By using the example of one of the Bill, code as D.R.22/2012 and entitle Legal Profession (Amendment) Bill 2012, it may be clearly explained the Legislative Process in Parliament Malaysia. 7In the First Reading stage the title of the Bill is formally read out and a date have been set for its Second Reading. It is an introduction and referral to committee and with condition of bill must have three readings in each...
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