Legislative Branch

Topics: United States Congress, Separation of powers, Legislatures Pages: 3 (1349 words) Published: October 24, 2010
As many of us know Legislative branch is the people’s house or Congress, but what will happen if the framers of the Constitution had not created Congress? Framers of the Constitution have created the process of building a Congress with two body, they are the Senate and House of Representatives. As of this the Congress has established a Bicameral Congress with three reasons. They are the historical, practical, and theoretical. The framers of Constitution saw Bicameralism as a way to reduce the power of the other branches of government; also framers were convinced that Congress would dominate the new National Government. The three reasons why the Constitution established a Bicameral Congress, is first because historical reason, as they say that the British Parliament had consisted of two houses since 1300’s, framers and other Americans knew the British system quite well. Second is because of being practical, framers of Constitution had to establish a two chambered body to settle the conflict between Virginia and New Jersey, the two most populous states who wanted to distribute the seats in Congress, but Bicameralism is a reflection of Federalism, which states are equally represented in the Senate and within its population in the House of Representatives. The last reason was theoretically; because the framers of constitution favored a bicameral union in order that one house might act as a check on the other. As for the terms and sessions about the ruling for Congress, each term only last for two years and each is numbered consecutively, and when it’s time for new two year term it is now going to be held at noon of the third day of January of every odd numbered year. While their sessions are a period of time in which Congress assembled and conducts business. Congress adjourns or suspends session until the nest session is up, while the Constitution gave the President to prorogue or discontinue a session. But only when two houses cannot agree on date for adjournment....
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