Legislations: Children

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  • Published : December 18, 2012
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M1. Explain how legislation, policies and procedures for risk assessment and hygiene control establish and maintain a healthy, safe and secure environment for children.

1. Legislations, Policies and Procedures.

Legislation is law which has been produce by a governing body in order to regulate, or to restrict. While the policies are the documents to demonstrate how you should carry out your duties in certain situations. And procedures are the step by step instructions or specific actions to be taken to implement policies. It is important because it explains the rights of both the employer and the employees. It is also important to ensure that you as staff member are at less risk. In the same way procedure needs to be followed to ensure that best practice is put in place. It gives staff support for if they do have to report possible abuse. They follow the procedure to make sure that everyone rights and responsibilities are respected. It is also important because it ensures that setting is running smoothly and that everyone is acting in a consistent manner. There are many legislations and policy and one of them I am going to look at is Health & Safety. Health and safety is the responsibility of each person in the setting and it should never be taken lightly. Every play opportunities should be planned while keeping the safety of the children in mind. To maintain a safe, secure and healthy environment for the children, you should ensure that the floor is not wet or the might get slip and hurt themselves unknowingly. You should also ensure that the doors and the drawers are closed properly and all the cabinets should not overload. Make sure that before having their lunch, the children washes their hands properly. While teaching 4-7 years old children the teacher should be aware that the doors are closed properly, so that they might run away. All the equipment and resources should be checked properly every time, and should...
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