Legalizing Prostitution

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  • Published : October 15, 2008
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Many people consider legalizing prostitution as “opening Pandora’s box,” because prostitution is a profession people consider ‘immoral.’ Prostitution has no good sense about it. Many prostitutes are forced to work on the street, and many take drugs, not to mention that they help spread diseases such as the infamous HIV AIDS. So why would countries like Germany and Holland legalize such a forbidden profession? The answer? They look at the bigger picture.

It is a known fact that prostitutes make a lot of money, even more than most day workers. A country’s GDP reflects their economy. A greater GDP equals a better economy. GDP is measured by several factors, including the population’s salaries. Prostitutes’ salaries are not counted in the GDP because it is illegal, so are the salaries of drug dealers. It has been said that if you counted the earnings of these illegal professions you would get almost double the GDP of your entire country alone. It is also a known fact that prostitutes don’t pay tax. Many people struggle to make a living because of high tax rates but prostitutes enjoy the life of high wages and no taxes. If prostitution was legal, the government would get a lot of tax money out of them and their salaries would be counted in the country’s GDP. Germany earns 4.5 billion dollars extra per year due to prostitution.

People say that prostitutes help spread the HIV AIDS virus. One of the main goals of the United Nations and many governments is to eliminate or at least limit the spread of AIDS. When prostitution is illegal, AIDS can be more common and be spread from person to person because prostitutes wouldn’t go to medical centers. If prostitution became legal, it would become compulsory for prostitutes to be checked regularly for any diseases thus, limiting the spread of AIDS. They would be more hygienically clean and their environment would also be a lot more cleaner because the Red Light District would not be an illegal place anymore.

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