Legalizing Marijuana or Not?

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  • Published : December 16, 2012
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Legalize Marijuana or Not?
Who wants to hear that the medicine that they may be prescribed may not work? Who wants to not legalize a cure? Marijuana is not a medicine, but a drug, that has not been legalized yet. It is a proven fact that it can help with chronic pain and several heart problems like glaucoma. Should marijuana be legalized for this purpose? When it comes to being ill, who do you go to? You would go to your doctor or specialist. But why is that? Obviously, the doctor has a degree and has knowledge about the illness that patient has. A person with a business or politic degree may not know as much as the doctor does because he is in another field. The doctor is receiving information about recalls, new drugs, and clinical experiments that seemed to work. The government may also receive these things, but they may not look at them due to the fact that they are worried about other things. Therefore, government should not have a choice. There are numerous studies have shown that marijuana is more effective than other drugs in relieving neuropathic pain. Many ill people use marijuana as a medication despite its illegality, thereby risking arrest and possible jail time. It is immoral, unjust and unfeeling to put seriously ill people in a position to choose between living with their pain or engaging in an illegal act in order to relieve it. There is proof that medical marijuana can be useful in alleviating symptoms in some people that traditional pharmaceuticals do not. The use of medical marijuana definitely has a place in our treatment options. There are symptoms that cannot be relieved by big pharmaceutical products. I think a big part of the opposition to medical marijuana is fueled by big pharmaceutical companies. Here is an example: an antiemetic commonly given to chemo patients cost $50 per pill. The same effect can be achieved more quickly and less expensively by marijuana. If the patient was the only focus, then marijuana is the...