Legalizing Marijuana

Topics: 20th century, Tobacco smoking, Cannabis Pages: 2 (621 words) Published: May 13, 2013
Since the early 20th century marijuana has been illegal in North America, later in the 20th century marijuana was made legal for medical use. Recently, two states, Colorado and Washington made marijuana legal for recreational use. Many people think marijuana should also be legalized in Canada for recreational use. I think that Canada should decriminalize marijuana rather than legalizing it allow people to use and have it without being able to sell it because, police will have more time; it’s positive attributes; it’s harmless than most products consumed by humans.

First off, law enforcement in Canada is too focused on searching for people whom are smoking, growing and selling marijuana than actually doing anything about more serious crimes such as rapes, robbery, assaults, etc. To add to that, decriminalizing marijuana would also allow more space in prisons for these criminals. Also, people who have a criminal record from being caught with marijuana can be fired or refused to be given a job, it’s simply a stupid reason seeing as alcoholics or those addicted to tobacco don’t get treated this way!

Secondly, many think marijuana is bad, end of story, but many don’t look at the positive effects that marijuana can have such as several medical benefits; relaxation and it can be used to make certain products. Marijuana is proven to be beneficial health for many reasons, it can slow cancer, it can relieve pain, it reduces nausea, it can stimulate hunger helping those with eating disorders, it can prevent epileptic seizures, it can help people with sleeping disorders fall asleep, the list continues, there are plenty more! In addition, marijuana relaxes the muscles along with the mind; many whom are stressed or something is troubling them like to consume marijuana to calm themselves or temporarily forget their problems, though every person may have different effects. Next, marijuana comes from a plant named cannabis, hemp (used to make several products) also comes...
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