Legalizing Marijuana

Topics: Cannabis, United States, U.S. state Pages: 2 (768 words) Published: April 22, 2013
Marijuana is a narcotic or hallucinogen drug that comes from the female flowers of the hemp plant that is illegal in over seventy-five percent of the states in the United States. In the United States seventeen million people ages twelve and above admitted to using the drug for recreational or medical use (Marijuana Legalization). Legalizing recreational use of marijuana in the United States would reduce crime, help with medical problems, and increase tax revenue.

Marijuana was first introduced in the United States my Mexican immigrants. Using Marijuana became popular during the time of the alcohol prohibition around 1919. By 1931 twenty nine of the fifty states had criminalized marijuana. By 1989 all fifty states have declared that the use of marijuana was illegal and President George H.W. Bush declared a new “War of Drugs” campaign. In 1996 California legalized medical marijuana and by 2008 twelve other stated legalized the use of medical marijuana also (Pros and Cons). June 2011 a bill to legalize marijuana and remove it from the controlled substance classification was introduced in the House of Representatives.

American jails are becoming over populated. In 1999 about sixty thousand people were in jail with the relation of marijuana, which cost taxpayers about one point two billion dollars, this does not include the amount that was spend on people who had probation or parole revoked for marijuana use (Common Sense). Arrests for the use or possession have doubled; more than seven hundred thousand people are arrested for marijuana charges. Instead of focusing on violent crimes like rape, robbery, assault and murder, cops are cracking down on marijuana charges.

Marijuana can also help with medical problems such as; asthma, glaucoma, muscle spasms, AIDS, cancer, and other conditions (Medical Marijuana). In thirteen states right now it is legal to have medical marijuana; all you need is a physician to recommend an herbal therapy then you would obtain a card...
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