Legalizing Drugs

Topics: Drug addiction, Victimless crime, Decriminalization Pages: 2 (745 words) Published: December 4, 2011
In William J. Bennett’s argument, Drugs: Should their Sale and Use Be Legalized, he tries to persuade the readers that drugs should not be legalized. He goes on to explain the national drug policy and the intellectuals that by and large are against it but have little to contribute to the matter. The argument like he says is a little one sided, there is a whole lot to say about the national drug policy and very little to say about the intellectuals. In his essay he explains both sides of the argument but it is more of his own opinion, and he tends to jump around a lot with different ideas. When he does actually give some factual evidence, he does not explain it well enough or give a good point on the subject. Bennett does however give some resources about media types; Times, Harper’s magazine, the newspaper, even talk shows are not adequate sources of information. When he talks about some of the intellectuals, he just lists them not giving any quotes or any real statistics at all. Even though when Bennett is talking about the intellectuals ha talks about them as an overall opinion, but it would make the speech more convincing to have a couple references. Bennett does cover a lot of good points in his arguments. Trying to locate the source of the drug problem, maybe an inner city problem, poverty, could be racism or some other social decline in our society. Bennett’s opinion on the intellectual consensus that the drug problem in America is absurdly simple, and easily solved; and that the drug problem in America is a lost cause, is that it’s a contradictory proposition and is false. If drugs were legalized Bennett thinks many matters in our society will be worse off. If drugs were sold at a local convenient store would they be taxed, if they were then a black market would always come into play. If they were sold really cheap, then drugs could be bought with the allowance of a middle school kid. Crime would not be eliminated by legalizing drugs with the research that...
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