Legalized Prostitution: What Can It Bring?

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  • Published : December 28, 2012
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The outburst of prostitution here in our country is obviously unstoppable and it is the matter that I am truly concerned. For the government, this is something they must be taken seriously at this moment. Its vast effects toward the people and the entire nation are so so breakneck, but it's so disappointing to know that the issue about it doesn't still become prudent. Rather, it turns more controversial. Prostitution is known as the oldest profession in the world. But in our country, Filipinos remain unrecognized it. In short, prostitution is an unconstitutional act. However, it has already legalized is some corners of the world believing this is the very best pace to reduce crimes like rape, battery, robbery as well as to prevent the swift widespread of sexually transmitted disease (STD). Likewise, it even becomes beneficial economically knowing prostitutes have been one of the big burdens in our country.

Today, most crimes reported were commonly with prostitution involvement. It would be of great ease if this will be eradicated readily. However, although the government has enforced laws punishing off prostitutes, it is sad to say that prostitution still ongoing and unobstructed. Many people, yet, have STD which is really so risky because the cure for it has not been found until now. There were also reported prostitutes killed due of rape and battery,even clients become victims. Different crimes that prostitution can bring in our country. It is certainly a big burden. Furthermore, the practice of this is quite detrimental beyond preserving morality, especially in this case of most children. No parents like to hear their children saying, " I dream to be a prostitute!". Just for morality preservation, parents look down prostitution. Christians consider it a sin for monogamy; the act of sex is ought to be done only when a man and a woman are in love and married. Prostitution is now rampant mostly in some urban places so that is so interesting for lots of...
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