Legalize Weed Speech

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  • Published : December 26, 2012
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Let’s legalize it!
I. Introduction

A. Attention getting opening:

“How can something with no recorded fatalities be illegal, and how many deaths is there a year from alcohol?”

The Irony of it All - The streets
B. Reason your audience would be interested in this speech:

A lot of people in our age group are exposed to marijuana. We should know what it’s all about.

C. Establish your credibility:

I’ve seen people be exposed to this plant and I know how it can affect people.

D. Thesis Statement:

The government doesn’t have a good reason to make marijuana illegal.


II. Body:
A. Main Point A:

Liberty! We all have freedoms. Yes there are age limits on some of these liberties yet we should have the option to fulfill them if we choose.

* Ask not “Why should marijuana be legalized, but why should it be illegal!”

i. Research supporting this point found at

We deserve to make choices for ourselves. We should be allowed to do what we want to as long as it doesn’t harm others around us. A lot of people die every year from driving under the influence of alcohol. It was their choice that may have ended their live. But they had the option not to drink that alcohol or not to drive intoxicated. MaryJane is far less dangerous compared to some drugs that are legal such as oxycodone and alcohol when it comes to decision making along with a lot of other things.

B. Main point B:

Prohibition doesn’t help. According to, there is no evidence at all that proves it doesn’t work. Prohibition more than anything makes people want to try it more because of the “forbidden fruit theory”

i. MJ is so popular in high school because it’s so accessible. There isn’t an age limit and dealers don’t care how old you are as long as you are paying them. ii. We should educate...
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