Legalize Weed

Topics: United States, Law, Recreational drug use Pages: 4 (1320 words) Published: January 22, 2013
Shani Spencer Page # 1 Writing Project 3
Reese Conner

Medical marijuana has become a popular drug in the last couple of years. Medical marijuana is legal in a few states such as, Arizona and California. However Federal Law still states that this drug is illegal and that it should not be distributed (Dorell). Cannabis is used to treat a variety of different symptoms that come with certain types of illnesses like cancer, chronic pain, and nausea just to name a few (Legallizing). The benefits of this drug have helped many people and is a natural remedy compared to chemicals created in a laboratory. It is well regulated, you have to see a doctor and prove your conditions in order to become a medical marijuana cardholder. Once you have your card you can pick up from dispensaries and medicate as needed (Moore). The issue however is that people who are medical marijuana users are being persecuted and stripped of rights and dispensaries are being shut down by the federal government (Dorell). More people are beginning to accept marijuana usage and even recently voted in the last election to legalize recreational marijuana (Moore). The question is should medical marijuana be legal throughout the United States and treated like any other prescription or should it be stopped all together? Cannabis and marijuana were once easily obtained and sold throughout the United States in the 1800’s to late 1920’s/1930’s, but scare campaigns mainly lead by the Timber Companies against it changed peoples opinions to look at marijuana is a negative view (Tempest). The Timber Industry was afraid that hemp would replace paper and paper products since cannabis is easier to cultivate, takes up less space, and is less detrimental to the environment (Tempest) . It is called weed for a reason, because in the Shani Spencer...
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