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  • Published : March 19, 2013
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Purpose: To Inform
Goal/Proposition Statement: I want to give my audience a better understanding of prescription drug abuse. Title: Legally Dead: Exploring the epidemic of prescription drug abuse

Good morning everyone!

The Introduction
I. The Attention Grabber: No one decides to get addicted to prescription pain pills. Alienating family and friends, failing at work, and launching a small time criminal career aren’t what anyone plans on when they swallow their first Vicodin. II. The Relevance: Everyone has met someone in their lifetime or knows of someone with an addiction to prescription drugs. III. The Credibility: I have had my own battle with prescription drugs which brings me here, to start educating people on this dangerous epidemic that changes lives. IV. Thesis: I am standing here today to inform you about the history of prescriptions, to explain what addiction is, how prescription abuse happens and some dangers of addiction.

Transition: So, in order to understand how prescription drug abuse progresses into full-blown addiction, we must first look at the history of prescriptions.
I. History of prescription drug abuse
A. Early indications of abuse through history
Transition: Now that we have looked at the history, let’s take a look at exactly what addiction is. II. Define
A. What is a drug addiction
B. Commonly abused drugs (Citation #1 National Institute on Drug Abuse) Transition: Now that we have a better understanding on addiction, let’s take a look at how abuse happens. III. How abuse happens

A. Statistics (Citation #2-
B. Who gets addicted (Citation #3- WebMD)
Transition: Although prescription drugs can be powerful allies, they also pose serious health risks related to their abuse. IV. Dangers of abusing medications

I. Brakelight: With all that was said, I hope you will have a better understanding on prescription drug abuse and will not...
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