Legalization of Transsexual Marriage in Hong Kong

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  • Published : October 27, 2012
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No determent but legalization to transsexual marriage

When it comes to ‘Marriage’ in Hong Kong, we all comprehend that is limited to heterosexual. However, of late, there have been a growing concern regarding transsexual marriage. Transsexual is defined as a person who “has sex re-assignment (SRS), involving hormone treatment and irreversible surgery, conducted by appropriately qualified medical practitioners” (Chisholm, 2001). People would like to change their sex and be able to have SRS because they suffer from gender identity disorder. It is disease that an individual who has “a strong and persistent cross-gender identification” and “a persistent discomfort with his or her sex” (American Psychiatric Association, 2000, p. 581). In fact, Hong Kong government admits transgender are ‘men’ or ‘women’ after having SRS through the change of gender on Hong Kong identity card. Moreover, the society requires heterosexual marriage, and I agree with an opinion that “whether a person is a man or woman is to be determined as at the date of the marriage, not as birth.” (Chisholm, 2001) There is no way to ban the legalization of transsexual marriage, therefore. Transsexual should never be discriminated against, and they deserve the right to pursue their marriage. Furthermore, inability of having babies should not be a reason to ban transsexual marriage. Transsexual deserve the basic human right to have marriage like the others. Most importantly, transsexual and those who born to be man, or woman are both requiring heterosexual marriage. Actually, there is a Catch-22 in transsexual marriage. First, Hong Kong government admits heterosexual marriage. Desire to have heterosexual marriage which is accepted by society is one of the reasons why gender identity disorder patients want to change his/her sex, but the society does not accept this heterosexual marriage because he/she is transgender. This means transgender can never possess a normal life as the others. However,...
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