Legalization of Prostitution: Benefits

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  • Published : May 17, 2013
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Megan Morris
Persuasive Essay
Don’t Prosecute the Prostitutes
Throughout the world, there has been an ongoing debate on whether or not prostitution should be legal. When people think of prostitution they are usually disgusted by the thought of men and women having sex with random strangers for money, and spreading diseases. On the other hand, some people express concern for the men and women that are contracting diseases, getting hurt, and sometimes killed for trying to support themselves and their families. Prostitution should be legalized to create a safer and happier environment.

At this moment, regardless of what the laws are, prostitution is happening. No matter what anybody does to stop it, the likelihood is that people will still continue with prostitution. The only thing that we can do is help the people that are involved stay safe. If prostitution was legalized, then the workers could get healthcare to make sure that they have not contracted any disease or infection, and require their clients to confirm that they are STD and STI free as well. Some people believe that no matter if prostitution was legalized or not, it would not affect the spreading of diseases. Yet in “Newark, New Jersey, the estimate is that close to 60% of all prostitutes carry the AIDS virus. Yet, in Nevada, where prostitution is legal, not one of the state-licensed prostitutes has ever tested positive for AIDS”. ( Granted nobody can guarantee that we can stop the spreading of STDs completely within these people, but at least we could regulate it. Nevertheless, the men and women in our country should not be harmed and looked down upon for their involvement in prostitution.

People should be able to accept and support others’ decisions for job and lifestyle choices. If somebody chooses to sell their body and make that their job, let them. Maybe they are not able to go back to college and get a degree, or maybe no place will hire them. Regardless of...
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