Legalization of Performance Enhancing Drugs in Sport

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  • Published : April 14, 2011
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When examining stories of competition from the past and present, all of them involve a winner and incontestably, a loser. Sports are the most popular form of competition where people will do almost anything to win, including cheat. Performance enhancing drugs are one of the most talked about issues in sport today. Though many people think that doping has only been an issue for the past 30-40 years, there is evidence of athletes using substances to enhance their performance since the early Olympic games in approximately 700 BC. The testing for substances have always been one step behind the latest drug and many tests for banned substance are not always accurate. This makes it very difficult to catch all of the so-called cheaters. Using banned substances can also have dangerous side effects when not used properly and in the past, many athletes have fallen victim to these problems. Due to the vast list of banned substances in high level sport, many athletes have been stripped of their titles when caught taking something as simple as an over the counter flu medication, which many people feel is not fair. The only solution to these issues in sport is to legalize these banned substances. This would eliminate skepticism, allow athletes to be on the same playing field, and potentially save their lives as they would be properly educated on how to safely take performance enhancing drugs.

Enhancing performance in competitions or sports has been going on for years. It is believed that early Olympians consumed herbal, mushroom concoctions and would eat Molenaar 3
sheep testicles to increase their testosterone levels for competition (CBC). Today, many athletes take specially tailored vitamins and supplements to improve their performance in training and in competition. This is perfectly legal as long as these substances do not end up on the banned substance list. Athletes are regularly tested not only during competition, but also randomly during training...
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