Legalization of Medical Marijuana

Topics: Medical cannabis, United States, Law Pages: 2 (738 words) Published: December 18, 2012
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Proposed Solution #1 Legalization of Medical Marijuana
There are many “haters” and many supporters of the legalization of medical marijuana. It’s a very arguable topic, but in reality it’s all on how people really view it. My viewpoint is that in the United States of America adults should be allowed to legally use marijuana for medical purposes if a physician recommends it.

The “haters” are always going to hate. Regardless, it’s considered a drug. But do they truly know the whole side of the story? I bet they don’t. These people that “hate” say there’s no use in legalizing medical marijuana, but can only back up their argument with “it’s gross, it smells, and it’s bad for you.” After seeing and hearing this topic over the past couple of years constantly throughout the news, school, and even twitter, I decided to look into it. What I came to find out though is that there’s not really much to know. Haters will hate and supporters will support. That’s why I’m not choosing a side.

For all of those haters out there, yes it is a drug and it is bad, but how many things are bad for you? A lot! Alcohol and tobacco are very bad. Aren’t they legal? How many accidents occur each year under the influence of alcohol? How many accidents occur each year under the influence of marijuana? I’m willing to bet all the money I have that alcohol accidents exceed marijuana accidents. Also recent studies have showed that the long-term effects of cigarette users greatly exceed the long-term effects of marijuana users. Cigarettes can cause people to get cancer; studies have found that there is no cancer related connection to marijuana. As is the case with other potentially harmful substances, such as unhealthy foods, individuals should be able to weigh the risks for themselves. Think of it this way: numerous studies have shown that foods with a lot of cholesterol and fat are unhealthy. Should we outlaw bacon? That would be going too far. Instead,...
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