Legalization of Marijuana

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  • Published: October 7, 2013
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Legalization of Marijuana
Student’s Name Petewa K. W
University Affiliation K.U

Legalization of Marijuana
Since 1930s marijuana has been consider dangerous drug and thus considered illegal in most countries. Generally it has been considered harmful to human health and social well-being. However with more study, this long held believe seems questionable. Researches done so far to ascertain the true effect of cannabis have given inclusive result. Consequently, some experts still maintain that marijuana should be considered harmful, more and more scholars now question the illegality of the herb. Some scientist and doctors believe that actually the use of marijuana may have more benefit to humanity than the presumed harm. They cite economic, social, and health care benefits. In fact today some countries in Europe, Canada and several states in America have legalized use of the drug for medical purposes and some countries like Netherlands have allowed possession and consumption in small quantities. (Osborne 2008)

Marijuana which comes from a plant called cannabis sativa is normally smoked although it may also be consumed by mixing with food. Effects of marijuana although not fully proved can largely be grouped into physiological, psychological, and social. Physiological effects are caused by and active chemical called delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). These include effect on the performance of the heart, breathing, red eyes and increased appetite. It also may result to slow reaction. Psychologically effects include poor sense of time, thinking and short time memory loss. Social effect include behavior and character deterioration and acing as a ”gateway” drug to more harmful drugs like cocaine. Furthermore some researches have endeavored to show correlation between marijuana and longtime addition, cancer, inspiration illness and mind disorders such as schizophrenia if though the results have been disputed. (Pletcher,...
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