Legalization of Marijuana

Topics: Law, Recreational drug use, Legalization Pages: 2 (672 words) Published: May 31, 2013
Legalization of Marijuana
Thesis Statement:
Marijuana was first made illegal based on facts that have now been proved wrong and many people believe it is finally time to rightfully legalize it.

Many people say that marijuana should stay illegal, but is that really the best option? Two states in the U.S have already legalized marijuana for recreational use – Colorado and Washington. An additional eighteen states have legalized it for medical use. Also, all of Canada has legalized it for medical use. So, should it be legal for recreational use everywhere in Canada?

On one hand, people look at the effects of marijuana and think it should stay illegal recreationally for those reasons. The short-term effects include: distorted sense of time, paranoia, anxiety, depression and short-term memory loss. These are some pretty serious issues for some people. Marijuana became illegal in the first place because people thought it made you mentally unstable- or crazy. Now, we have found out the real side-effects of smoking marijuana and those reasons are strong enough for many people to want to keep it illegal recreationally.

Additionally, the long-term effects that studies have shown may be quite serious as well. Things like decreased enjoyment in activities once enjoyed, decreased ability to learn, difficulty concentrating and respiratory problems if smoked. These issues are mainly present in heavy smokers, and are not near as serious or even existent in casual smokers. A common mistake people make is thinking that marijuana causes cancer, which is not true. These facts can be argued either way because obviously the effects on heavy smokers is a huge reason for keeping marijuana illegal because those are very bad effects. Alternatively, it can be argued the other way because people want the drug to be used recreationally, like how many people use alcohol. It would not be a constant, all-day, every day thing for the majority of people. Also, the effects of decreased...
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