Legalization of Marijuana

Topics: Police, Law, Decriminalization Pages: 3 (466 words) Published: March 18, 2011
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Appendix C

Brainstorming Techniques

Click on any text and begin typing your ideas over the existing text. Submit this completed appendix as an attachment.


Click in a


Main Idea
legalization of marijuana

Supporting point
health benefits

Supporting point
the negative of marijuana

Less money enforcing law

Marijuana biggest cash crop

Supporting point
No potential health hazards

What marijuana can be a treatment for

Include real life people and their stories

State side effects of marijuana

State how both sides feel about these side effects

How it can be abused

How can enforce regulations against abuse

Less money wasted on drug bust for marijuana

Less money wasted on trying to keep it out of our country

Taxation of marijuana

Boost the economy/help the nation

Click in any box, and begin typing your ideas over the existing text.

To group your ideas together (or put them in order), left-click on the edge of a box, and drag it to a new place on the page.

Paragraph 2- The positive aspect in paragraph one will lead into this paragraph- no potential health hazards- I will state the known side effects of marijuana and how both sides of this issue feel towards these side effects-ending with positive side effects will lead into paragraph 3

Paragraph 3- Health benefits- what treatments are available through marijuana and what diseases, cancers, health issues marijuana can help with. Easing pain
Relaxing bodies
Help nausea
Forget issues

Paragraph 4- With all the great health benefits marijuana is also number one cash crop over corn. State how this can help economy and with high taxation it will still be hard for teenagers to buy, but lower taxation for those who need it for legit medical purposes. State what health issues doctors would be allowed to prescribe drugs for and under what regulations. Also include political figures who agree...
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