Legalization of Marijuana

Topics: Cannabis, Law, Legality of cannabis by country Pages: 2 (703 words) Published: January 28, 2013
The Legalization of Marijuana

The legalization of marijuana is a highly controversial, well-ignored, and often misinformed disagreement. While some say marijuana should be legal to smoke and consume in the United States, like it is in Amsterdam, Cambodia, Peru and some parts of Pakistan and India, others argue that the drug is too dangerous and should not be legalized. The United States government doesn’t recognize the medicinal use of marijuana and has classified marijuana as a Schedule I drug, in the same classification as drugs much more dangerous. Marijuana should be legal in the Unites States because not only would it boost the terribly troubled economy, but marijuana would be safer to use due to its growth, packaging and sale being regulated by the government and there would be fewer marijuana related crimes. According to, “The illegal import of drugs into the United States is a multi-billion dollar industry a year.” Imagine what that could do for the economy! The United States is very near a recession and if marijuana were legalized and sold to adults, the government could even tax marijuana products, much like they do for tobacco and alcohol, adding to state revenue. If marijuana were legal, law enforcement officers would spend less time arresting users and prisons would not have to support prisoners convicted of marijuana related crimes, allowing for law enforcement offices to focus on greater crimes. The legal sale of marijuana would also make using marijuana safer. Often, the most harmful things in marijuana aren’t in the marijuana, but on it. Because growing marijuana is illegal, those who grow it must find ways to keep it secret. This most likely includes not only using dangerous pesticides, but also odor eliminators! If marijuana were legalized and regulated, the government would have to monitor its growth, packaging, and distribution, allowing growers to be able to use safer pesticides on their cannabis plants. As stated earlier,...
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