Legalization of Drugs (Persuasive Essay)

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  • Published : June 15, 2008
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Jeffrey Jaramillo

English 115

Peter Lederer

April 17, 2007

Outline: The Legalization of Drugs

Thesis: The Legalization of drugs would just cause chaos

I. Harmful Effect of Drugs

a. Mental and Physical Effects

b. Psychoactive Effects

c. Addictive Effects


a. Drugs doings

b. Drug Dealers

c. Black Market

III.Alcohol and Tobacco

a. Two wrongs don’t make a right

b. Drugs are far more Dangerous

c. More money wasted than generated

IV. Morally wrong

a. Message of tolerance

b. Drug laws

Jeffrey Jaramillo

English 115

Peter Lederer

April 17, 2007

The Legalization of Drugs

What is this world coming to? With many problems raging on, people are starting to get irrational ideas to solve them. Legalizing drugs is a dumb way to come up with a solution, instead of running away or giving up we should face the issue and fight back. Legalizing drugs would just expand the use of drugs and create more problems than what it will fix. Hence is very clear that legalizing drugs would just cause chaos.

There is a reason why drugs are illegal. They have many negative effects; these include harm to the body and mind, psychoactive, and addictive effects. Drugs intoxicate your brain and have damaging impact on the body; some people believe drugs aren’t that harmful but you could die or fry your brain and remain a vegetable just from one use. When you are under the influence of drugs you act in a psychoactive manner which threatens not only uses but non users too. The addictive effects o drugs are what cause all drug related problems. Addiction is a powerful method of destruction.

Many people believe that legalizing drugs would bring down the crime rate but what they don’t see is that drugs cause these behaviors, with easier access, it is only logical to conclude that there will be an increase of violence. Whether drug users commit a crime to get money for drugs or because there...
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