Legalition Ofcanabis

Topics: Law enforcement agency, Police, Federal Bureau of Investigation Pages: 4 (1489 words) Published: December 14, 2012
Legalization of Marijuana affecting the Law Enforcement

Why it is that law enforcement agencies think that marijuana isn’t good for society? There is nothing wrong with marijuana because there are a lot of people that smoke marijuana and it doesn’t make them do anything dangerous to themselves or others. According to Pamela Abdy the producer of 2001 movie How High “states the reactions to someone that smokes marijuana is it make them silly, quiet, hungry, and even sleepy depending on the individual”. So what is really the problem with making marijuana legal? People are still going to sell it to the people that smoke it without the law enforcement knowing. Marijuana should be legalized because there really is not a good reason why it is not legal or shouldn’t be. At the same time society has their own opinion about it, but people deserve the right to make their own decisions. Marijuana is not a harmful substance, so the effects of legalizing it would be minimal. We all know that marijuana is highly expensive. The United States is paying for the people who fight in the war to get drugs that makes prices high. Also the process of presenting drug dealers so now they have to pay for food, housing, health care, attorney fees, and court costs just to have these people behind bars. Just think about how much money the government could save if marijuana was legal. We would have a lot more money to spend on important things such as lowering tax rates, gas prices, an a lot of these homes that’s becoming abandoned and fixing things such as pot holes, roads if it was legal. On the other hand people who think it should be legalized because it would lower the theft rate. It also could be used to help cancer patients even reduce deaths, gangs, shooting, and a lot of violence on the street. Police officers, the courts would be available for more serious crimes such as murders, rapists. More jobs would be open because people wouldn’t have to take a drug test to work so it would...
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