Legal Studies - Genetic Profiling

Topics: DNA, Identification, DNA profiling Pages: 2 (455 words) Published: March 12, 2013
The definition of the term, ‘Genetic Profiling’ refers to the procedure of analysing the DNA in samples of a person's body tissue or body fluid for the purpose of identification. DNA is the 0.1% of the DNA that differentiates each person from another, to identify individuals. In criminal cases, DNA profiling is used to analyse small traces of DNA at a crime scene to bring the perpetrator to justice. This technology allows for the analysis of DNA left at a crime scene by the perpetrator allowing the families to have some closure knowing that the perpetrator of the offence is to be held accountable for their actions. Another main use of this technology would be if a child is biologically related to a family member, in most cases the father. When a father has some doubt on the relation to their child is related, this technology is available for them to find out if they are biologically related, this can damage a relationship and could be seen as an invasion of privacy. The medical community uses this technology in order to determine if a person is likely to develop a disease in the future.

Genetic profiling is a highly debated topic, as it can be seen as removing a person’s right to a fair trial as stated in the Constitution, however on the other side this argument is if DNA testing is able to prove that a suspect had committed a crime it would be an obstruction of justice not to provide this a evidence in court. Also the development of genetic profiling and the abilities of the government to create databases of genetic profiles that could be searched to identify possible criminals. There is always the possibility of widespread genetic profiling of people. This could be a move towards a more invasive system of government which resembles a police state. Genetic profiling gives detailed information about individuals. This information is conceivable, and could be used by organizations to discriminate against people. These sorts of issues will arise more and more as...
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