Legal Safety, and Regulatory Requirements

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  • Published : November 11, 2012
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Legal, Safety, and Regulatory Requirements
Tara Thompson
October 1, 2012
Norman Greene

According to Peterson, (2012), “The Human Resource Department is responsible for compliance of a multitude of employment- and workplace- related laws. Human resource managers are also responsible for training other resource personnel to ensure that the laws are abided by throughout the organization. There are some common laws that affect HR decisions and actions which involve equal opportunity employment, discrimination, labor laws, and medical leaves of absence.” Legal, Safety, and Regulatory Requirements does have an effect on Human Resource in regards to the statement: “Common Sense and compassion in the workplace has been replaced by litigation” I disagree, I believe there has to be a balance of Common Sense and Compassion while adhering to the Federal Laws that have been set in place by the Department of Labor which has an impact on the Human Resource department. Legal, Safety, and Regulatory Requirements does have an impact on Human Resource, employees and employers have a contractual relationship and this contractual relationship can be comprised of a few laws that both employee and employer have to abide by in the workplace and Human Resource sees to it that these laws are carried out. These laws were put in place within organizations and businesses by the United States Government to be able to protect the employer, employee and the rights of the public in any situation that may occur on either part. People that work within Human Resources they have to be competent and knowledgeable about the laws and regulations that the Federal Government of the United States have put in place. Federal Laws

According to United States Department of Labor (n.d.) “The...
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